Teleworks USA Pike County Teleworks Hub Job Fair Brings in more than 150 Interested Jobseekers


Just one week after opening its doors, the Teleworks USA Pike County Teleworks Hub hosted its first job fair on Monday, Dec. 12, with more than 150 jobseekers in attendance.

Teleworks USA staff, including Pike County Teleworks Hub Manager Billy Carrico, was on-hand for the event, which coincided with the Hub’s official opening day, to help prospective teleworkers apply for the hundreds of positions open at Sitel and U-Haul.

The event not only offered jobseekers in and around Pike County the opportunity to apply for telework jobs but also made it possible for dozens of attendees to set up interviews with the companies at the job fair.

“Hopefully we’ll have a quick turnaround there, and we’ll be able to put people into jobs in a very short time frame,” Carrico said.

For those interested in teleworking but were unable to attend the job fair, Teleworks USA offers proven digital literacy and customer service workshops, which prepare potential teleworkers for the customer service jobs they will be applying for and working with in the future. Carrico will lead the first workshop in Pike County beginning Jan. 9, which can accommodate up to 10 people. Workshops last approximately four weeks, and new classes will begin every 4-5 weeks.

“We’re hoping to get people signed up and ready to go before the holidays. We’d like to get as many classes as we can through this hub, so even if you miss this class, make sure you sign up for the next one,” Carrico said.

Workshop attendees can receive four separate certifications, assistance with their résumés and interviewing skills, as well as anything else needed to land a gainful work-from-home or work-from-Hub job with one of the many national companies that work with Teleworks USA.

If you or anyone you know is interested in Teleworks in and around the Pike County area, contact Billy Carrico at or at 606-438-5535. 

For more photos from the event, click here.

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