Pikeville JobSight Partners Define Roles in Providing Core and Intensive Services

[March 2001]

Partners in the Pikeville JobSight took a giant step toward defining their roles within that one-stop center at a two-day self-selection workshop led by a nationally recognized consultant. The workshop was organized and underwritten by Eastern Kentucky C.E.P., Inc. (EKCEP) in its role as one-stop operator.

The workshop — entitled “A Self-Selection Process for Core and Intensive Services” — produced a working “blueprint” of how the Core and Intensive Services required under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) will be provided through the Pikeville JobSight when it formally opens. In addition, the workshop gave the representatives of each partner agency a better understanding of each other’s agencies, services and capabilities, and much clearer concept of how Pikeville JobSight can serve eastern Kentuckians.

The workshop was held Feb. 8-9 on the Pikeville Campus of Mayo Technical College and Prestonsburg Community College, where the Pikeville JobSight one-stop center will be located. The workshop included a tour of the new multimillion dollar educational facility.

To lead this important workshop, EKCEP brought in a neutral facilitator with both an expert knowledge of WIA and hands-on experience working with several of the required partner programs. EKCEP believes this level of expertise is critical if the facilitator is to be able to assist the partners in developing a cooperative arrangement that brings out the best mix of what each has to offer.

During the workshop, the facilitator led the partner agency representatives through an analysis of their organizations’ strengths and capabilities to deliver the required Core services. From these analyses, the partners developed a preliminary service matrix which shows how their agencies’ strengths can be integrated into a seamless array of Core Services for JobSight customers while eliminating redundant efforts.

Under WIA, each one-stop center is required to provide the following Core Services: job search and placement assistance; determination of initial eligibility; initial skills assessment; assistance with financial aid eligibility; outreach and intake; basic career counseling; provision of labor market information; provision of information on training providers; provision of local area performance information; information about available supportive services; information about filing unemployment insurance claims; assistance with welfare-to-work eligibility; and follow-up. Intensive Services under WIA include: detailed skills assessments; development of an individual employment plan; individual or group counseling and career planning; short-term prevocational services (i.e., work-readiness services).

The facilitator led the group through a detailed assessment of which of these services each partner currently provides, how well each partner provides its services, and the resources which each partner may draw upon to provide these services through the JobSight. With this assessment completed, the facilitator formed the partner representatives into quality circles. Each quality circle addressed a specific core service and how it could be provided in the JobSight by the appropriate partners. The quality circles addressed the question in detail – even down to considering specific hours of operation.

After the core services plan was established, the groups were reorganized into quality circles of appropriate agencies to determine how intensive services will be provided at the JobSight.

The working “blueprint” produced at the workshop will be fine tuned in a dry run this month before it is put into action when the Pikeville JobSight officially opens in April.

Similar seminars are planned for March and April in the three other JobSight comprehensive one-stop locations.