Finding the Right Employee

Screenings and Job Fairs

The Kentucky Career Center JobSight's Employer Services TeamĀ is dedicated to helping employers solve their workforce needs throughout Eastern Kentucky. We know that successful business is good for our communities, and a business is only as good as its people. Therefore, we want to help you improve your workforce so that you can get down to the business of doing business. We are here to serve you as employers, to ensure the best recruits are placed in your company.

It is important to not only help the needs of future employees, but to match employers with the best candidates to ensure success. We also realize that each employer is unique. Rather than provide a fixed menu of services, we ask that employers tell us their workforce issues, and we will work to find solutions to those problems. We pride ourselves in finding ways to say "Yes."

Here are some of the workforce issues our Employer Account Representatives most commonly address:

  • Help employers find qualified employees
  • Screen potential employees during the hiring process
  • Host job fairs for employers to help find the right people for open positions. Our expert workforce staff handles burdensome front-end HR duties for you
  • Assist with the training costs for new hires and upgrading the skills of existing employees
  • Provide labor market information to assist with business planning
  • Facilitate contacts with various state and federal programs
  • Work with both employers and training providersĀ to ensure training programs are relevant, effective, and affordable

This list is not exhaustive. If you have workforce problems and would like an ally in dealing with these issues, contact an Employer Account Representative workforce professional in your area to set up an appointment by using the form below.

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