Find a Job


What’s your story? Everyone is unique. Yet, when people first visit our 23-county Kentucky Career Center JobSight network, most share a common theme, “I need a job!

It could be that:

  • You’ve lost your last job due to a layoff caused by a downturn in the economy
  • You’ve been unemployed for an extended time but need to find a job now that those benefits are close to running out
  • You’re a homemaker but need to find a job of your own now that your spouse has been laid off at work, or worse, passed away
  • You’re out of school and need to enter the workforce in a good job
  • You already have a job but you’re looking for a better one that more closely suits your skills and abilities


While each person’s story is different, our Career Advisors have a 90 percent success rate for helpingpeople like you get jobs.

We will customize our Career Advising approach to help you find, go after, and land a new job as quickly as possible.

We will help you:

  • Identify skills and abilities that employers are seeking
  • Target your résumé and job applications for specific jobs you want
  • Find jobs that align with your skills and abilities through our extensive connections with local employers
  • Build confidence in your job interviewing abilities with practice interviews using real employer questions
  • Tap into the “hidden job market” to find and apply for jobs that don’t appear in the newspaper
  • Reach out to and connect with local employers who may want to hire you
  • Locate and apply for full-time work you can do from your home computer with Internet access
  • Remain encouraged as you look for a job
  • Connect with other jobseekers in your area who meet weekly to share leads and support one another
  • Obtain assistance from our partners if you need Unemployment Insurance or special job-search services for veterans, the blind, or disabled
  • Prepare for a new job or career with access to paid internships and special on-the-job and short-term skills training opportunities that are customized for you


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