Short Term Skills Training

Short Term Skills Training

Are you frustrated with your search for employment?

  • Do you find it difficult to network and interact with potential employers?
  • Is communicating with a supervisor or a co-worker a struggle?
  • Are you missing opportunities to advance because you don’t know what employers expect from you?


Find the answers with us!

With Ethics S.E.N.S.E., you can jumpstart your career! Build skills that will help you not only land your next job, but also stand out as an employee once you begin working.

Ethics S.E.N.S.E. is a work-readiness training that can be completed in three hours. This training uses focused content and active discussions led by professional facilitators to get you up to speed on 12 of the most critical workplace principles such as:

  • Attendance – Being punctual and present.
  • Attitude – Being positive about someone or something
  • Appearance – Following the dress code.
  • Honesty – Showing good and truthful character.
  • Loyalty – Being committed to their employer.
  • Dependability – Being reliable and trustworthy.
  • Initiative – Willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Productivity – Being efficient.
  • Teamwork – Working well with others.
  • Respect – Seeing value in others.
  • Communication – Effectively exchanging ideas and information.
  • Gratitude – Acknowledging the benefits of employment.