EKCEP Medical Coding Program Answers Letcher Countian Mandy Kiser’s Prayers for New, Sustaining Career in Hometown

For Mandy Kiser, a native of Letcher County, finding a lucrative and sustaining career in her hometown seemed many days like a pipe dream.

Kiser loved working in the healthcare field, having run the gamut with positions from X-ray technician to nurse but realizing quickly that her work and personal schedules wouldn’t mesh in a way that allowed to her fully benefit from her career. By... (more)

EKCEP Helps 19 Eastern Kentuckians Graduate from HCTC Lineman & Fiber Optics Program

For one group of Eastern Kentuckians, the holiday season and New Year started off with new beginnings as 19 students were recognized during a ceremony on Friday, December 20 for completing the Lineman & Fiber Optics Training course. The classes are offered through the Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC) in partnership with the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc... (more)

Northeast JobSight Helps Lawrence Countian Brittany Holbrook Find Dream Job that Led to Dream Career

Lawrence Countian Brittany Holbrook was stuck in a rut. After four years at an automotive plant—and what seemed like a lifetime of cycling from one job to the next with layoffs and missteps in between—she found herself at yet another turn in that cycle.

“I had gone through a period of sickness. I had gone to the doctor and I had doctor’s excuses and everything, but according to their... (more)

KCEOC JobSight Helps Knox Countian Susie Barker Attain Education, Career Goals

“I’m blessed,” Susie Barker says of her life.

Barker admits, however, that she wouldn’t have used those exact words to describe her life at the beginning of 2018. Sitting at her home in Knox County, she explains how her life was upgraded in a matter of months thanks to her local KCEOC Kentucky Career Center JobSight.

“I was not employed,” she says. “I did not have my GED or... (more)

Northeast JobSight Helps Lawrence Countian Brian Ratliff Return to School, Find New Career after Layoff

Lawrence Countian Brian Ratliff knows the value of a good education. After suffering injuries in a car crash when he was just out of high school, he was forced to change his academic and career plans. Years later, Ratliff has been able to achieve a new academic goal with the help of the Northeast Kentucky Career Center JobSight and its team of expert career advisors.

Ratliff explains... (more)