Mary Baker Answers Calling to Become Registered Nurse

Mary Baker, R.N., has the lives of 25 London residents in her hands three days per week.

On those days Mary moves from one station to another at the London Dialysis Center ensuring that the high-tech machines are working properly to purify the patients' blood and remove toxins from their bodies because their compromised kidneys cannot.

Mary considers her job "a calling" that she... (more)

Chasta Wright Trains for Career in 'Helping Profession' Thanks to WIA

Chasta Wright knew she wanted to graduate from college and begin a career in a "helping profession." She also knew that without some help, she was going to have to trade her full-time education in for a part-time education and a full-time job.

Thanks to the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program, Chasta got the support she needed to remain a full-time student and graduate on time. But... (more)

Shelia Bowling Goes From Layoff Victim to Medical Professional Thanks to WIA Support

Sheila Bowling has a lot on her mind. Twenty employees work under her supervision. On any given day, she tracks hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills belonging to scores of patients of nine outpatient clinics that serve southwestern West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. From start to finish, she is charged with making sure those bills are paid in full.

Sheila’s job as billing... (more)

WIA Gives Rhonda Jackson a Second Chance at College and a Nursing Career

Imagine the world spinning so fast around you that you cannot steady yourself well enough to get out of bed. Imagine that when the dizziness finally lets up long enough to let you muster the strength to venture out of your house, it strikes again so suddenly and severely that crippling anxiety steals your breath.

Rhonda Jackson lived that life almost every day for nearly three years.... (more)

Robin Dalton Builds Rewarding New Career with WIA Help

Robin Dalton's third manufacturing job definitely was not "a charm." But then, neither were her two previous factory jobs.

Over the course of 21 years, each of her manufacturing jobs ended in a permanent layoff. Robin's third job officially ended in July 2000 when Wolfe County's Celestica Corporation moved its operations to the Czech Republic and Mexico.

Robin decided that... (more)