WIA Gives Rhonda Jackson a Second Chance at College and a Nursing Career

Imagine the world spinning so fast around you that you cannot steady yourself well enough to get out of bed. Imagine that when the dizziness finally lets up long enough to let you muster the strength to venture out of your house, it strikes again so suddenly and severely that crippling anxiety steals your breath.

Rhonda Jackson lived that life almost every day for nearly three years.... (more)

Shelia Bowling Goes From Layoff Victim to Medical Professional Thanks to WIA Support

Sheila Bowling has a lot on her mind. Twenty employees work under her supervision. On any given day, she tracks hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills belonging to scores of patients of nine outpatient clinics that serve southwestern West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. From start to finish, she is charged with making sure those bills are paid in full.

Sheila’s job as billing... (more)

Eyes to the Future: WIA Helps Alice Russell Complete College Training

Alice Russell knows what it's like to climb the ladder of career success.

In about a year, the Jackson County woman has gone from simply working at the front desk of the London ophthalmology practice of Drs. Mark and James Huffman, to grinding lenses for glasses and working one-on-one with patients. She will soon even assist the doctors during minor eye surgeries. The Workforce... (more)

Marsha Ison Retires After 24-Year Career with EKCEP

Marsha Ison Retires After 24-Year Career with EKCEP

[July 2004]

Although many things have come and gone over the years at Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP), Marsha Ison has remained. This year, after helping steer EKCEP successfully through numerous challenges for 24 years, Marsha's tenure with the agency will officially end when she retires... (more)