Clara Collins Fights Back From Layoff to Become Nurse12012001

Ask Clara Collins about returning to school and she’ll tell you, “It’s never too late.”

Clara had worked as a bookkeeper at a cleaning service in Martin County until she was laid off. Beause her husband, Billy, was also unemployed at the time, the family’s financial situation was precarious. Clara and Billy both wanted a better life for their family.

Because she had lost her job... (more)

Wanda Colegrove Overcomes Health Challenges to Earn Certification

When Wanda Colegrove went back to school under the Eastern Kentucky C.E.P., Inc. dislocated worker program, she had no idea that finding the money for tuition and books would be one of the simpler obstacles she would overcome on her way to earning her certificate as a medical lab technician assistant.

Wanda had lost her job driving a rock truck when the company where she worked closed.... (more)