Kentucky Career Center JobSight Offices Honored in Certification Ceremony

During a special celebration, eight of the Kentucky Career Center JobSight’s network of career centers were honored after completing the state KCC JobSight Certification process earlier this year. 

Melissa Aguilar, executive director of the Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board (KWIB), was in attendance at the event in late July, and presented certificates to representatives from each... (more)

Big Sandy CAP Helps Magoffin Countian Susan Leedy-Howard Return to School, Start New Career

After working nearly two decades in and around the medical field, Magoffin Countian Susan Leedy-Howard knew the direction she wanted her career to go in—the only problem was giving it the push it needed to get there.

“I’ve always wanted to go into nursing, I just didn’t really have, I guess, the time and the focus,” Leedy-Howard explains as she sits in the conference room of the Big... (more)

KCEOC JobSight Helps Whitley Countian Stephanie Sawyers Get Back on Her Feet, Back into the Workforce

Even the best of plans seem to have a habit of not working out quite as we’d hoped—Whitley Countian Stephanie Sawyers knows that all too well. Luckily, help came in the form of her local Kentucky Career Center JobSight, which gave her the resources to get her plan back on track

Sawyers was struggling to make ends meet for her family before 2017.

“I’d actually been working at a... (more)

NKCAA Gives Lawrence Countian Christopher Sizemore Resources to Find Gainful, Lasting Employment at Home Instead of Abroad

Lawrence Countian Christopher Sizemore says he can’t believe how different his typical working day is now compared to just one year ago. Waking up before the sun and looking forward to a 30-hour-or-more work shift was normal for him—not to mention the 1,000 miles that stood between he and his family—as he worked for weeks at a time with an oil drilling company in Texas.

“I needed work,... (more)

KCEOC JobSight Helps Knox Countian Andrew Garrison Obtain CDL License and Get on the fast Track to Dream Job

When he graduated high school, Knox County resident Andrew Garrison faced a question that many young adults do: What am I going to do with my life?

“I pretty much worked at Kroger for a while, but I wanted to learn how to drive,” Garrison says, adjusting his seat in the offices of KCEOC Kentucky Career Center JobSight in Barbourville, Ky.

Garrison explains that by driving he didn... (more)