KCEOC Assists Knox Countian Dustin Yother in Becoming Lineman, Landing Dream Job

Knox Countian Dustin Yother has only ever wanted to be a lineman—it’s in his blood.

“My dad and two uncles were linemen, so that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Yother says as he sits in the conference room of the KCEOC Kentucky Career Center JobSight in Barbourville, Ky.

Yother’s interest in lineman work intensified during high school when his class toured the... (more)

Harlan County CAA Assists Laid Off Coal Miner Shawn Rigney to Finish College, Stay in his Hometown

Some stories span decades and take years to tell. The story of Shawn Rigney’s career has spanned nearly 15 years so far, and it’s a story the Harlan County native says will continue thanks to the career and employment services offered at his local Community Action Agency.

The former coal miner sits in the conference room of the Harlan County Community Action Agency (CAA) in Harlan, Ky... (more)

Teleworks USA Helps Lee Countian Andrea Mathis Land Job after Weeks of Searching

Andrea Mathis was about to enter her third month of submitting job applications and looking for work near her home in Lee County. Her search wasn’t going well, and by February 2019 she was on the verge of giving up and looking at the possibility of moving away from Eastern Kentucky to find employment.

“I started putting in applications in December, and I had put in 20 or more,” she says... (more)

EKCEP Employer Services Team Assists Welding Company, Phillips Diversified, with Apprenticeship to Retain Skilled Employees

Clay Countian Joseph Taylor started off the new year in 2019 with a huge accomplishment—becoming a welding journeyman with Phillips Diversified Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer with five facilities in Clay and Jackson counties.

“I can only go up from here, and just continue to better myself,” Taylor says.

Taylor’s success and optimism for the future, he says, comes from... (more)

Gateway Community Action Helps Menifee County College Grad Find Career in Hometown

Frenchburg native Dacey Meeks is grateful that her commute to work does not take her out of her hometown—a reality she never thought would be realized until she made a fateful visit to her local Gateway Community Action office.

“If it hadn’t have been for Gateway, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get the job that I have today,” Meeks says.

Meeks struggled to find... (more)