Paths 2 Promise Helps Knox Countian Melissa Hurst Achieve Life Goals and Support Her Family

Knox Countian Melissa Hurst was in a bind.

With three children and her husband newly laid off, she was faced with figuring out how to quickly help support her family—there was just one problem. As a long-time stay-at-home mom with no high school diploma or GED, her options were almost nonexistent in her small-town.

However, with the assistance of the KCEOC and the Paths 2 Promise... (more)

Daniel Boone Community Action Helps Manchester Couple Find Employment Close to Home and Close to Each Other

Kimberly and David Inman lead an uncommon life. Not only is the Clay County couple able to live together with their daughter in their hometown, but they are also able to work side-by-side, thanks in large part to the Daniel Boone Community Action Agency (CAA).

Clad in navy and black scrubs, David and Kimberly sit next to each other in an exam room at The Good Heart Corporation heart... (more)

Teleworks USA Brings Lee Countian Amanda Farler Less Stressful, Closer Way to Earn a Living

“All I was doing was sleeping and working,” Lee Countian Amanda Farler says.

Farler sits in the training area at the Teleworks USA Beattyville Teleworks Hub, a place she has become well acquainted with in the last year since switching from the long haul of her previous employer.

“Before I’d heard of Teleworks USA, I was driving 50 miles one way to go to my job. It was just too... (more)

On-the-Job Training Leads to Full-time Job for Knox Countian James Mathews

James Mathews had never set foot in a machine shop before February 2018, and like most people in Knox County’s workforce, his experience with advanced manufacturing was non-existent. But that all changed when he enrolled for WIOA career services at his local Kentucky Career Center JobSight.

“I used to be a tree climber and a roofer, dabbled around with welding, but never had anything to... (more)

Partnership with EKCEP and SilverLiner Allows Former Coal Miner to Dig Himself Out of Hard Times and Into a Bright Welding Career

Twenty-three years—that’s how many years Pike Countian Chris Compton dedicated to a job he thought he’d retire from at a coal company just 30 minutes from his house. That retirement plan was shattered in February 2016, however, when the company Compton worked for issued mass layoffs and his number was up.

“That’s the lifestyle living here—if you didn’t work in the coal industry then you... (more)